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The willingness to respect the opinions of others and discuss matters in a manner that is thorough and frank, but fair and impartial, and once a conclusion has been reached, to cooperate and work together to achieve a common goal.


To act with a sense of ownership and honesty at all times and never pass the buck. The spirit to meet society's expectations and generate credibility.

Pioneering Spirit

To work creatively, using novel approaches to enter new areas. To always act as a pioneer within our areas of expertise and to have the passion to pursue higher goals beyond our capabilities.

About Us

Our goal has always been to lead the industry with innovative solutions that exceed the demands of our customers and reduce their operating costs.

Jimmy Carnel - CEO

Our Services

We help you to grow your business with More than 15 years of experience.

Reserve Power

Reliable backup power designed and customized to meet the demands of telecom and UPS.


We build rugged batteries for defence and security situations


Battery packs and chargers designed for use in the deepest parts of the ocean

Oil and gas

Providers of high-temperature lithium battery packs for downhole drilling


Lithium ion battery packs and chargers for the industrial market


We provide high-quality batteries and chargers for various aerospace sectors

AlphaPower Batteries have started talking. Are you listening?

Trusted us by over 150,000 local businesses around the planet.

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